According to BOE, number 163 of June 10, 2020 RD 21/2020 of June 9 of urgent measures of prevention, containment and coordination to face the health crisis caused by Covid-19.



Our Staff has received training in the preventive measures Covid-19.


Our staff will be wearing gloves and masks every time.
Those who perform tasks that by their very nature prevent it will always maintain the recommended interpersonal safety distance.


Our team will be monitoring daily in health matters to guarantee your safety.


Our team uniform is washed and disinfected daily.



Due to the special characteristics of our establishment where the spaces, both closed and open, are very large, the capacity of each unit in no case exceeds 50% of the maximum officially allowed. There is available to our clients a detailed plan with the surface and capacity allowed.


All facilities are disinfected daily.

You will find in various areas of the establishment, hydroalcoholic gel dispensers at your free disposal.

We disinfect all the material that is delivered to the client (keys, pens…) as well as the POS and telephones after each use.

Every customer can check-in by telematic means prior to arrival to avoid physical contact maximum of your documents.

We try to send the required hotel information through electronic means.

It will be available to our clients in case they request it gel, gloves and masks.


Exceptional cleaning and disinfection protocols have been established for rooms after guest’s departure.

All rooms will undergo a ventilation treatment after the departure and before the entry of customers.

We remove rugs from all rooms.

Our laundry certifies the washing of clothes at temperatures above 60°C.

Cleaning and disinfection of the TV and telephone controls in each room.


Our capacity complies with the legally established, less than 50% of the maximum capacity, as well as the distance between tables.

The terrace area has been expanded by 100% of its capacity, in order to offer more capacity outdoors.

Mechanical fans have been installed to minimize the use of air conditioning.

Breakfasts will be à la carte.

We use conveyor dishwasher higher than 80°C

The table linen (tablecloths and napkins) are for single use only. After each use, they are washed at temperatures above 60°C.


Cabin disinfection after each treatment.

Daily checks of water treatment and cleaning of our facilities have been strengthened.

Treatments and massages will be carried out with masks.

The capacity to it will be controlled to avoid crowds.


Our capacity complies with what is legally established, less than 50% of the maximum capacity, and can in any case meet the interpersonal distance between people or groups other than the family unit.

Daily checks of water treatment and cleaning of our facilities have been strengthened.
The virus is not spread by swimming pool water, as they are well treated with chlorine treatments.

Each customer will find the pool towels in their room for individual and exclusive use.


Each customer will deliver a responsible declaration signed guaranteeing their health security.

Each customer will be given the possibility to check in electronically before arrival to avoid physical contact with their documents as much as possible.

When possible, card payment is recommended.

You will find hydroalcoholic gel dispensers in common areas.

The POS are disinfected regularly.